Aquabox for iPhone Review

So I just got back from an amazing trip to Aquatica in Orlando. While we were getting ready for our day at the beach we decided to stop by Walgreens and get a water camera. Well Duh! We were going to a water park. While we were there my boyfriend pointed this plastic case that claimed to turn your iphone into a water proof device. So as scared as I was I bought the $25 case and set off to Aquatica.


So let me me tell you a bit about the Aquabox. It’s technically a clear plastic case. The front part is made of some sort of water proof latex. On the side of the case there is a small latch you pop up. This then allows you to twist the top of the case opening the case completely.

The back of the case is completely clear and is made out of plastic. This is the best way to take pictures with your phone while in the case. Since the front part is made of what seems to be some sort of latex the pictures from the front camera come out blurry, however the ones from the back come out crystal clear!


It was a bit bulky but I liked the extra protection from the case. I saw these other cases for $7 on Amazon that are pretty much a small bag, much lighter than the Aquabox, but they don’t really offer any protection should your phone fall.

The waterproof definitely worked.I opened the case a few times during the day and there was absolutely no water in it. And i went down all the slides with it around my neck (or my wrist). It can go under water up to 18 feet which is pretty amazing! I am definitely taking it with me when I go snorkeling in Key West!

I really liked that I was still able to use my phone as usual. I was able to text, record and even call. The sound did not found muffled at all and I could hear the other caller perfectly. It was a bit uncomfortable to use though given that the front material is a bit sticky.

All in all I am glad I purchased it although I think I might just end up buying the small one for convenience.

I leave you with some pictures taken from our trip so you could see the quality of the pictures.


This was one of the pictures taken with the front camera. As you can see it’s very blurry.

The two pictures below were taken with the back camera. The first one was a bit blurry because I had just put on sunscreen so I pretty much rubbed it all over the case. The second one is a picture of one of the slides that goes through one of the dolphin fishtanks. I thought it was an orca too! but no it’s a dolphin. Pretty neat.




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