Covergirl Outlast Lip Stain Review

So I finally bought my first lip stain. I originally was attracted to buying a lip stain because I hate, hate, hate lip gloss. It’s sooo sticky. So my go-to lip color make up is plain old lipstick. I must say I truly love the way lipstick looks but it’s a bit annoying when I have to retouch my lipstick after every sip of water I take, not to mention the embarrassing stain on the cup. (Yes I know I should probably try one of those insert-number-here hour lasting lipsticks, which I will try, but that’s another post altogether)  And I just love the color of my lips after eating something with red or pink pigment. They just look so naturally rosey. I have also tried tainted chap stick but it still doesn’t solve the “lasting” issue and plus I just feel that applying Chap Stick more than 3 times a day actually dries out your lips.

Product – Covergirl Outlast

Price – $8 at Target

Shade – 415 Teasing Blush

Presentation – Pencil


The application was a little awkward at first because I din’t really know if I should apply it with the very tip or sideways. I found that it’s more comfortable to lay the tip sideways so it covers the entire lip. I also noticed that when applying it with the very tip it leaves noticeable lines. At first is kind of wet so you do have to wait for it to dry but it doesn’t take long. The presentation is good for defining your lips so they look very polished.

Finished Look

I love the matte finish look it gives my lips. It literally does what it says, it stains them. I did find that if my lips are a bit dry the stain looks “blotchy” so I would recommend to wipe your lips before applying so it looks even. I was a bit disappointed because it didn’t last as long as it said it would. If you are not having drinks often {like at the office} then it does last longer.

Before Lip Stain

After Lip Stain


Although I wish the results lasted a bit longer I am 100% satisfied with the way it looks. It is everything I’ve been looking for. I wish it had some sort of moisturizing agent because your lips could feel a bit dry after applying it and if you apply chap stick or lick your lips it takes some of it off.

Stay tuned for more reviews as I search for the ultimate Lip Stain!

Have a Fab day!



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