New Shoes for under $35!

So my Nonna is in town (That’s Grandmother in Italian) and we went to get some dresses today for my little brother’s baptism {Yes! We are 23 years apart, he could technically be my child} and even though I totally told myself I wouldn’t buy anything I saw this pair of oh-so-cute shoes and I just couldn’t resist!

I bought these at Burlington’s Coat Factory for $19.99 but I found three websites online where you can buy them from.

This website has them in the exact same color

If you are not comfortable with that website then you could also buy them on Ebay

Amazon has them in red although I am sure you could probably find them in Pink.

If you would rather search for them somewhere else the style name is Phyllis 21

I also thought I would share two other purchases I made this week that are super cute.

These two come from the oh-so-famous Forever 21. Click on each picture to be directed to the item’s webpage for purchase.

$32.80 Forever 21

I was in a huge need for all-black suede shoes so when I saw these I just had to buy them.

$32.80 Forever 21

These I bought because well, you could never have too many nude shoes! I would like to say that these shoes are sooooo comfortable. The thick heel and platform make them so totally walkable and the fabric is soft so if you have sensitive feet (like me) these would totally work for you. They are also not of that shiny material so they blend beautiful with tanned skin.

Hope you liked my new shoes!

Stay tuned for more updates

Have a fab day

-Ash ❤


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