Bamboo Miami & Cute Green Outfit

The Club Bamboo Miami Beach Beautiful place. Too Expensive $30 for men, $20 for women. No space to dance unless you buy a very expensive bottle you are stuck dancing against the walls on the sides (and end up getting pushed by all the staff members) $11 Beer, $50 minimun on card. ATM on site.…

New Artist – Azealia Banks

So I have been totally obsessed with Azealia Banks for a while now and I couldn’t be happier to see that she is gaining recognition. Other than Nikki Minaj there haven’t really been any female rappers lately. If you ask me, Azealia has it all. She is a beautiful girl and her writing skills are…

Holiday Party Updo

Hi Guys! Just wanted to share a video from the company I work for on how to create a Holiday Updo. It’s super easy and super Cute! This is one out of two videos from last year. I will post the other later on.

If you want more information on GKhair visit our Facebook page

We are going to be filming another soon so I’ll post it as soon as it’s out.

Hope you like it!


Ash ❤

Help me redecorate my living room =)

Hi Everyone! So I have lived at my apartment for almost 3 years and my living room is a totally not decorated. Shame on me! I have this beautiful tall white wall that I just don’t know what to do with. Most of it I think it’s because of my black couch, which I am…

My beautiful Orchids

So I am totally obsessed with Orchids. There is nothing more exciting than to wait almost a whole year to start seeing it grow. I know! I am geek. It just gets me so happy when I start seeing the little buds turn into the gorgeous flowers. Orchids are the perfect house plant. They require…