My beautiful Orchids

So I am totally obsessed with Orchids. There is nothing more exciting than to wait almost a whole year to start seeing it grow. I know! I am geek. It just gets me so happy when I start seeing the little buds turn into the gorgeous flowers.

Orchids are the perfect house plant. They require medium light and just enough water to keep their soil moist. Once their blooming period is over a lot of people like to put artificial orchids inside the same pot for decorations but I really like to see the whole growing stage. There is something so inspiring and beautiful about seeing the whole transition.

Here are my three beauties. I have another one. I can’t quite figure out the type but it hasn’t bloomed yet =( It’s not looking very promising but I will keep you posted.

Tips for owning an Orchid

I am no Orchid expert but I have picked up a few things here and there. Here are a few of them:

-Always try to get the Orchids with the most buds or branches. The closed buds are the best since they will last longer.

-Take a look at the stem that connects the flower to the “branch” if it’s a translucent white it’s most likely reaching the end of its bloom.

-Once at home make sure to check their soil often to make sure it’s not dry. Water just enough so the soil is moist but it doesn’t drip.

-Keep it in a sunny spot but not in direct sun light as too much sun may dry them out. Make sure they get sunlight or they will start drying out.

-The flowers are surprisingly not affected by the leaves so if the leaves start to dry out just pluck them out, however this is usually a sign that your plant may need water.

-Cut the main branch at one of the “knots” once all the flowers have dried out to promote growth.

-Orchid food fertilizer is relatively inexpensive (about $6 at Publix) and lasts a long time. Orchids apparently like acid so it contains acidic nutrients to promote growth.

-Once your new plant starts to grow make sure that you tie it to a surdy stick so it grows straight. They love to twist in all kinds of directions. One of my violet orchids just completely twisted to the other side. I guess she doesn’t like the view.

This one I call my miracle orchid. I got this orchid about 6-8 months ago fully bloomed and it bloomed again in less than a year. It’s just gorgeous!

This one is my latest bloomer. I have to admit that it took her a bit long but man, was it worth it! She is such a beauty

This is my little orchid bunch. I just recently bought it so I haven’t actually seen it grow yet but she was gracious enough to let me witness the blooming of a few buds.


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