Easy at-home hair removal! – Nair Roll on Wax Review

I must confess that up until maybe 5 months ago I didn’t have a leg waxing routine. Mainly because the hairs on my thighs were barely noticeable but after the occasional shave they started to get thicker and thicker until I had no choice but to look into hair removal options.

I have used Nair Hair Removal, {the cream you leave on and then wipe off with a warm cloth and water} but wasn’t a fan of it after getting a big rash one time. So i started to look into waxing. I have always waxed my eyebrows and occasionally my upper lip but always thought that leg waxing would be too costly. Either way I started to look into it. The average rate appears to be $30 for both upper legs, which is actually not as bad as I expected.

My next step was to go to Walgreens and see what “at home” waxes they had. I had already tried Sally Hansen’s microwave wax years a go and made a gooey mess out my leg so I knew that any type of wax that came in a jar was totally out of the question. I always wanted to get one of those roll on wax machines but they cost over $30 no wax included…and then I saw it! Nair Roll On Wax I was a little hesitant given my experience with at-home waxes but decided to try it anyway.

This thing is amazing!!! I love, love, love it.

How to

Twist it open Warm it up in the microwave for about 10 secods. You may have to re-heat it by the time you get to the second leg. Once you get use about half it you wont need to reheat for the whole 10 seconds.

Prep your legs by washing them first. An exfoliant works great since it removes the dead skin making the wax get closer to your skin.

If you have very sensitive skin apply a little bit of baby powder to ease the removal.

Push firmly against your skin and roll it on the direction of the hairs.

Apply a waxing strip and apply pressure in the direction of the hairs. {I buy mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $10. They are called Melting Pot Cloth strips

Pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Note that you want to pull the strip back and not up.

Tip – When you get to the side of your leg make sure to apply the wax in the direction of the growth. The hair on the side of your legs tends to grow sideways and not straight down.

The Results

I have to say that every once in a while when I’m just too lazy to wax my own legs I go to this waxing center near my house and although they are professionals and they have way more experience I can honestly say that the results from this wax are pretty similar to the results I get when I go to the waxing center.

I would 100% recommend for all women to have one of these at home. This thing has saved me soooo many times from impromptu pool parties! It is a bit challenging to apply on the back of your legs so if you have someone to help you that’s really the best option but having access to a mirror will do just fine.

I haven’t tried it on any other body part so I can’t really say how it works but I believe you could. Just make sure to read the directions before using.


Must Have!

Life saver for last minute outings

Super easy to apply

Great results

Go buy it right now!

Smells very goos


Ash ❤


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