March 22nd 2006

I have to admit that before I wrote this I had many papers that I had started but never finished. So what do I write about? How about being confused. How about everything and everybody happening at the same time? It’s funny how we have episodes in our lives. One day everything is black and dark. Don’t you just hate it? And all the bad things come at the same time and at the worst moment! Why do people hurt others? Do they get satisfaction from it? Why do they lie to your face? They lie about their feelings and then your feelings get confused. And all you can do is think, and then the memories start coming. Moments flashing right in front of your eyes. Then that little thing. That one conversation just changes everything. It stresses you out. It doesnt let you sleep, or eat or even breathe. Sudenly your days, your hours, your minutes, your seconds revolve around it. It sucks so bad! Then you wake up the next day and see aht person there like everything is alright. Why are people so…what’s the word? confusing? Why are you so confusing? and why do you insist in confusing me?

The High School Chronicles

I will be posting a series of poems I wrote throughout high school. I was fortunate enough to have teachers who inspired me to write and friends with amazing stories to tell. Not every story is a personal experience. I tried to see the world through someone else’s eyes. I don’t intend to pretend that this is great writing. I was just in 10th grade when I wrote most of them. I also have no intentions of making any corrections to them. I wrote what I felt and believed at that moment. I decided to post them on my blog after finding them hiding away in a very old binder. I figured I’d make my 16-year-old-self justice and share them with others who might appreciate them or even find comfort in their lines.


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