Maybelline Colossal Volum’express Cat Eyes

Maybelline Volum’express Cat Eyes mascara

Color: 243 Glam black

Waterproof: Yes

Brush Shape: Curved


I always try to buy different mascaras whenever I run out because I have a feeling that I haven’t found the best one yet. This time I decided to buy Maybelline’s cat eye mascara. What caught my eye was the shape of the brush. I always try to get the small little hairs closer to the inner part of my eye and its always so difficult, so I thought that maybe this would help it.


I loooove this mascara. It gives you awesome length. It didn’t really volumize my eyelashes but it did make them much longer. The application was sooo easy. I was finally able to get to those little hairs on the inner part of my eye. The application is very smooth it barely left any lumps.

Def. must try!

Here are some before and after pictures. I didn’t really have any make up on I just wanted to see how good the mascara was so please disregard my tired-looking eyes.
Left eye. No mascara.

Right Eye. Maybelline Cat Eye Mascara



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