Never judge a book by its cover

Today I learned a very important lesson. Never judge a book by its cover.

I left my house with just enough gas to make it to work. I figured, no problem! I will just go fill up during lunch.

So lunch time came around. I went to pick up my food but when I tried to merge back into the lane that would lead me to the nearest gas station NO ONE will let me in! Yes, I had my signal on. The nearest U-Turn wasn’t for another 4 blocks which would have then taken me into another Uturn just to get back to the gas station. This entire time my gas light was very impatiently flashing at me letting me know my car had just about had it. I finally made it to the gas station with only a few minutes of my lunch to spare.

As I am waiting by the pump I am approached by this man. Gold Teeth, baggie jeans, with a certain type of walk that isn’t very comforting. He started to say something and I immediately cut him off with “I am sorry I’m on my lunch and have to get back to work” as it turns out he was on his way to cash his paycheck and had run out of gas before he could get to the bank. Could it be possible that this man and I had just gone through a very similar experience at the same time?! So i locked my car and walked up to his pump to run my credit card and give him $5 worth of gas to get to the bank. A glimpse inside the car and I saw two small children sleeping. He seemed so grateful and couldn’t stop saying Thank You.

I guess what I am trying to say is that even though you should be cautious of the people around you, sometimes it’s ok to stop and listen. The man was very curtious and not once was he disrespectful although his look painted a completely different character.

That said, never judge a book by its cover but maybe sometimes it’s ok to change that cover to match what’s on the inside.

Whenever presented an opportunity to help others, do it. You never know when you will need a stranger by the pumps to help you.



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