Oh, Harry Potter. Give me the secret to your ButterBeer!

So ever since I tried Butter Beer at Univeral Studios I have been obsessed with trying to recreate the oh-so-good yet so fattening drink at home. Let’s face it, fattening or not it is one the most delicious drinks I have ever had!




Can you see the smiley face in my ButterBeer? I think it was as excited as I was =)

After three “ok” attempts I am still looking for the best way to make a perfect Universal-Studios ButterBeer. I think the biggest challenge I have encountered is finding the perfect tasting cream soda to make it with. The foam is suuuper easy to make.

First Attempt

I’ve actually attempted it twice but I can’t remember what I did the first time. All I remember is it involved boiling heavy cream and brown sugar and adding the mix to the cream soda. Then you would whip that same mix with heavy cream to create the foam. It was good but a lot of work.

Second Attempt

Ok, so this one attempt may not be a true ButterBeer but I can tell you it tasted pretty darn close. The idea is to create a float =), yes, like the ones you make with Coke and Vanilla Ice Cream. I wish now I would have added some Butter Scotch syrup but at the time I couldn’t find it at my local Publix. I can honestly tell you that this is now one of my favorite desserts! Not to mention I had never had a float in my life until my boyfriend came up with this genius idea. So i really have to give all of the credit to him on this one.


Third Attempt

My last attempt was actually last night and I got the inspiration from BakeMeAway. In her blog she freezes the cream soda but I decided to just make it very, very cold but not frozen. I followed the same steps. Whip heavy cream with Butter Scotch syrup until you get the taste you like. In our case we added tons of Butter Scotch. After we tried it with just plain cream soda we though we needed a little extra sweetness {again, I am struggling to find the perfect cream soda} so we decided we would mix some Butter Scotch Syrup into soda first to make it a bit sweeter. The result was pretty interesting to look at. The foam expanded all the way to the top of the glass! so we quickly poured the delicious butter-scotch-foam on top which bubbled excitedly, just as we did. The results was much closer to the Universal Studios ButterBeer, let’s just say we had seconds =) but I still feel that there is something else I am missing {The perfect soda}



Please excuse the almost-finished soda. I forgot to take a picture before we drank most of it =)

So this is what I have noticed. Universal Studios ButterBeer is darker, almost red, and very bubbly. The bubbles then rise to the top and expand the creamy goodness. So the more you drink it the fatter the cream gets. {My favorite part}.

I will try to find other ways to create this delicious drink. In the meantime though I guess I have an excuse for weekend trips to Universal’s! Harry Potter here I come!


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