Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2013 – Review

I have to say that I actually really enjoyed HHN this year. I’ve attended this event 4 years (not in a row) the last time I went was in 2010 which was the year they did “Hallowed Past” with Freddie, Jason, Saw and I don’t remember who else. Even though I have heard a lot of people say that one year was the scariest so far, I really didn’t enjoy it as much. I remember spending an insane amount of money on alcohol and not being even a little buzzed.

So moving on to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 23

The “Streets”

I loved the Walkers. As soon as you walk into the park the theme song from The Walking Dead is playing. There is fog everywhere so you can’t really spot the walkers right away. I have to admit it gave me chills. The make up on the walkers was amazing! and they seriously don’t play when it comes to giving you a good scare. When I say they come up to your face, they literally come up to your face. Sometimes you could even feel their hot breath. No, there was no touching so that’s as far as that got.

I did miss the scare zones this year though. I remember thinking last time I went that these people wouldn’t even give you a break on the streets but this year I felt somewhat safe even with walkers all over the place.

The Houses

I would highly recommend you watch all of the movies the houses will be about before you go to HHN. I think that was probably the biggest reason I enjoyed this trip so much.

The best house in my opinion was Cabin in the Woods. The movie itself gave me nightmares all night when I watched it, so going through the house was really scary. There were areas I was so afraid of going into because I remembered what happens in the movie! Very scary house. Loved everything about it.

My next favorite was Evil Dead. Universal really wanted you to feel like you were inside the movie. Every single character (and how they died) appears and that demonic thing is everywhere you look.  My favorite part of this house was the area where you are in front of the house and the car is turned over and there is demonic shit coming at you from everywhere. Very creepy stuff.

The Walking Dead was a pretty cool house although I found myself not being very scared by it. I guess because the entire park is full of walkers already it kind of takes the “fear factor” out of the house itself. I did like it very much though. My favorite part was the recreation of the prison cell block. I felt like I was right there and Rick was going to jump out any time.

The trippiest house I’d have to say was The After Life. I love how they made it 3D. It was truly mesmerizing. I wouldn’t recommend going in there after a couple of drinks because you will get very very nauseous.

The house that surprised me the most was An American Werewolf in London. If you have watched the movie you know how cheesy it is. So I was expecting an equally cheesy house. It was cheesy alright but it actually scared me. I think that was the one house where I literally screamed and cursed in one of the areas as I hugged myself in fear {lol, I know!}

The other houses I really don’t remember much. I can tell you that I could have done without Resident Evil. It was very short and it just didn’t have that “it” factor. La Llorona was ok, it was long enough but it wasn’t the best. There was this one house. I think it was called Havoc that was pretty cool. It wasn’t very scary but it was cool to look at “super soldiers” it was kinda close to a future reality so that was cool.

Final Tips

  • Do not try to sneak in drinks in a water bottle. They take them away from you right at the walkways before you even get to City Walk. They won’t let you take them back to the car so just don’t even try it. My suggestion would be to bring in anything you want during the day, place it in  a locker and retrieve them that night.
  • I would highly recommend going on a Sunday. The lines are really much shorter, even though it was still pretty busy that night.
  • If you can afford to buy the Express Passes, buy them. I promise you won’t regret it. The most we waited was 5-10 minutes. In some houses you walk right in.
  • If you can avoid going to the park during the day and resting as much as possible, do it. We went to the parks during the day and were exhausted half way through HHN. Get your rest!
  • Wear comfortable shoes. I made the mistake of wearing my converse all day. So did Mike, we ended up pushing him on a wheelchair at the end of the night because he pulled a nerve and had to drag his foot. He was walking like a zombie, a little make up and he would have blended right in with the walkers.
  • When you are walking through the houses don’t only look forward. Look back, look up, down, everywhere you can look, look! The artists that put together these houses put so much thought behind them that you should really take the time to appreciate them. Yes, you will probably get scared by one of the actors who will catch you unaware while your eyes are wondering everywhere else, but that’s also part of the fun!

Lastly, I did not take any pictures. Sorry, I know it would be cool to see what went on inside but I feel that it ruins your experience. I also didn’t really want to be worried about taking pictures of everything. Just enjoy the moment!

Hope these tips help you! Enjoy the last days of HHN 23


Ash ❤


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