My week in Pictures 12/7

Enjoyed a beautiful South Florida sunset

I have to say that I am very glad that I live in South Florida. Although I love the way snow looks I cannot imagine how much work it must take every morning to get your car out of the driveway. Not to mention how afraid I would be driving in the snow. If you have any “snow” stories please post them in the comments. I’d love tho read them!







Sadly, I had to return these adorable shoes

I bought these through ShoeDazzle. I really wanted them for Xmas eve but as it turns out they make their shoes very narrow, and when you have chunky toes like mine that’s a really big issue. So after exchanging them twice {I originally got a 5.5, then changed to a 6}I decided it was time for us to part ways.


Made Mocha a cake!

My awesome dog turned 4 this month and since I haven’t really celebrated her birthdays the last 3 years I figured this time I would go all out and make her a doggie cake. I got the recipe online, I can’t remember right now where I got it from but if you would like it just let me know in the comments and I will post it later. The cake had whole wheat flour, oil, shredded carrots, honey and peanut butter. She loved it! We had to keep holding her back from eating it so we could take a picture lol.








somewhat finished the wreath
Thus is what it looks like right now hanging on my door. I am not quite sure I like it though, I am thinking maybe some pine cones would make it look better? I’ve even considered taking the berries off altogether. Thoughts?




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