All lives matter

I felt the need to write this post because I am saddened by the amount of finger-pointing and hate I’ve seen on my social media newsfeed these last few days. I am saddened that people are fighting over whose lives matter more or deserve more press. My newsfeed is filled with “well, this many people died in this country and no one is saying anything about it.” One post read “12 days ago these many people died.” and so i’d like to ask, Why wait until today  to share this with the world? Why didn’t you share this 12 days ago? Why hate; because there’s no other word for it, on the hundreds of innocent people who lost their lives in France this weekend and try to diminish their lives worth by pretty much saying they don’t deserve the press -seriously?-

All lives matter.

It is our duty as citizens of this world to keep each other informed. We live in a world where you can have your own reality TV show on YouTube. If you feel that something is important and the world needs to know about it, then it is YOUR responsibility, your duty as a world citizen to let your peers, your family, your colleagues know about it. Don’t blame others for lack of information when you have the resources to educate them.

All lives matter.

Lastly, how can we ask for a better world, how can we demand peace, when all we do is hate on each other? We hate that one tragic event had more press than the other -again, seriously?- not even taking a minute to think what this means for all of us. The world is at war and all we keep doing is pointing fingers. A better world isn’t going to be achieved by hating on one another. All our lives are equally important. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can start working towards a better tomorrow.

Be kind. A better world starts at home.






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